Since Republicans are so anti-socialism, I say we stop socializing everything and make everyone pay for their own services themselves.
Make every  road a toll road. If you can’t afford to buy a toll tag, you don’t deserve to drive! Get off your ass and work for it, you lazy moocher!
Make people pay for their own cops, firefighters, EMTs. You being abused or robbed, you bleeding out and dying or having a heart attack, your house being on fire, those are not my problems. Deal with it yourself.
Get rid of USPS. Drive to Oklahoma and give them the letter your damn self.
Stop vaccinating people for bird flu. If you can’t afford to pay for your vaccinations, you don’t deserve to be vaccinated.
Get rid of the Pentagon. Who needs citizen-funded national security?
Get rid of the FDA. It’s not the government’s job to tell you what’s safe for your body and what isn’t. You should know!
Get rid of unemployment insurance. You shouldn’t have gotten fired, you lazy, entitled brat! I shouldn’t have to pay because you can’t keep a job!
Get rid of PBS. Who gives a shit about Arthur anymore?
Screw the DHS. Don’t be so poor and maybe you could afford security to protect you from terrorist attacks.

When you say “take away free lunches”, “take away welfare”, “socialized medicine is a bad idea”, you are saying “Your child doesn’t deserve to eat because you can’t afford to feed them”, “YOU don’t deserve to eat because you can’t afford it”, “you don’t deserve to be treated for cancer; if you want chemo you should stop being poor, that’s not my problem”. Do you hear how fucking stupid you sound?
We are all paying for something we all need. We are all paying proportionate to what we earn. You are not anti-socialism; you’re anti-socialism that doesn’t benefit you. That is peak privilege–if someone were to seriously suggest de-socializing one of the above things, you’d throw a bitch fit, because you need all of those. How is it that you think roads are a right and not a privilege, but don’t feel the same about healthcare? Can you imagine what your life would be like if everyone wealthier than you got together and suggested de-socializing roads, or flu vaccines, or goddamn firefighters, because they didn’t wanna help you pay for it? Can you honestly imagine?


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